Weather forecasts predict future wind conditions only in the range of weeks. Climate predictions look at big changes over years and decades. However, for energy traders, wind farm managers and many others, it would be crucial to understand wind conditions in the next few months.

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Based on sophisticated climate models, we are now able to provide new ways to forecast wind conditions in the next few months.

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Overview video

Ambient installation

As an alternative, immersive approach to experience the wind prediction data used in Project Ukko, this ambient visualisation cycles through all 51 sets of data.

It displays over 100,000 data values across the world using a custom (azimuthal equidistant) map projection. The projection continuously rotates and varies in zoom level.

Video loop (3:13 minutes)
Animation and data visualisation: Moritz Stefaner
Music: Rafael Anton Irisarri — Traces

Produced by

Project Ukko is a Future Everything and BSC project for EUPORIAS.
Data visualisation by Moritz Stefaner.
Project Ukko director Drew Hemment.

Scientific coordination: Melanie Davis, Isadora Jiménez, Paco Doblas-Reyes, Carlo Buontempo
RESILIENCE seasonal predictions: Veronica Torralba, Nube González-Reviriego, Paco Doblas-Reyes
Based on ECMWF seasonal predictions by RESILIENCE
Visual identity design: Stefanie Posavec
UI development support: Dominikus Baur
Project management: Tom Rowlands
Wind power capacity data was generously provided by thewindpower.net.

EUPORIAS is a project funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme (GA 308291) and led by the Met Office.